Meet the Team

The brains behind Veritaseum. We have 8 (and rapidly growing) technical and financial professionals who grind out prodigious amounts of value for Veritaseum. The people below are their bosses.

Reggie Middleton

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Reggie has advised tens of thousands of investors, traders, hedge funds, family offices and global banks. He has been featured on The Keiser Report, Boom Bust, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC. Fun fact: Reggie is an accomplished mixed martial artist, initially qualified for the 1988 olympic team and is an active fighter, philanthropic student and father.

Patryk Dworznik

Patryk Dworznik

Patryk is a Full Stack Developer and Engineer, developed the legacy Veritaseum Java client, adept at Bitcoin blockchain development, bitcoin script, Java, React, JavaScript, C++, Go and Solidity. He leads a diverse team of 6 developers, UI/UX specialists and engineers.

Manish Kapoor

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Manish is a certified International Analyst and Forensic Accountant, served as Asst. Director & Manager with CRISIL/S&P, Price Waterhouse Coopers & Deloitte. Manish has worked with Reggie for 10 yrs in predicting the fall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Growth Properties and the European sovereign debt crisis. He leads a team of 3 analysts.

Eleanor Reid

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Eleanor has both academic and practical experience in the sciences, management consulting, corporate development and finance. She sports a bachelors in metallurgical engineering from Carnegie Mellon, MBA in business strategy from Stanford GSB, marketing/project engineer at GTE (now Verizon), venture capital at Beta Group, management consulting at McKinsey & Company, risk management at Goldman Sachs, equity analyst at Sloan Financial Group and corporate development officer at Cherokee Investment Partners. Eleanor is responsible for general operations and strategy implementation. Fun facts: she was also a 1983 national Junior Olympian in Track and Field and a Captain in the United States Air Force.

Lorna Johnson

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Democratic National Committee (DNC), Assistant Treasurer and Honorary Consul General for Jamaica in Los Angeles, Lorna Johnson (MS in Nursing/ Midwifery and Finance) is also the Founding Partner/Administrative Director/CFO of Advanced Family Care Medical Group Inc. A serial entrepreneur/real estate investor and Founder of Compassion for teen life, a nonprofit organization for women and girls. An Essayist for UN Foundation; past Lecturer/Clinical professor at UCLA; past President of a local Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, the highly accomplished Johnson, was an appointee of President Obama to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and his National Health Care Advisory Committee. 

Fun fact: former international track and field athlete and qualified for the Olympics in the 100-meter dash. Lorna leads Veritaseum's team in political affairs, philanthropy, and business development.

Marilyn Charlot

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Ms Charlot heads the creation, management and administration of compliance smart contracts. Marilyn has a BA of economics and an MBA in banking and financial support services from Columbia. After 8 years as a non-commissioned officer in the military, she spent 14 years as a senior project manager for risk monitoring and control at Goldman Sachs where she created their Sarbannes-Oxley program, and 4.5 years in compliance testing at Citibank. She comes to Veritaseum from the VP position, Financial Crimes Compliance Officer at Société Générale - one of Europe's largest banks.

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