As many know Veritaseum has recently offered its own software token for sale. Unlike most other token offerings, Veritaseum is offering its token as a literal product - both as a vehicle to access their advisory and consulting services and as the keys to access its existing and future blockchain-based software products. We are much more anxious to release tokens as a product than a potential investment, because we are so excited about the possibilities now available through smart contract and blockchain technology.

We feel we can offer our constituents significantly more value in doing things through our tokens versus having them invest in the promise of something getting done via the token. Let me show you from a historical perspectives.

Here’s a timeline leading up to where we are now...

  1. 2009 - at the same time, Satoshi Nakamoto releases his whitepaper on durable digital money - Bitcoin
  2. 2014 - Ethereum is founded, alpha testnet launched in 2015
  3. 2017 Ethereum offers enough utility to gather direct support from Microsoft as well as indirect support from majority of major technology players
  4. 2017 Bitcoin has $27B network value, it’s technology - blockchain - all the rave in the media, financial system and Fortune 500 companies.
  5. 2017 Institutional finance begins to explore digital assets for inclusion in portfolio

What makes Veritas different?

Most of the popular token offerings have several things in common:

risk adjusted return clearn

Veritaseum is sponsoring a symposium on analyzing the performance of digital tokens and valuing the platforms and entiteis that issues them at 350 Park Avenue in NYC on May 11th at 6pm. Download the flyer for more information. There will be an informal cocktail hour at the Baccarat Hotel afteraward. You must RSVP to attend an seating is limited so we reserve the right to be selective. If you are an investor or represent an entity in the buy side industry, we will offer sample Veritas tokens to be used in our financial machines aimed at disintermediating and dirsupting the asset management indsutry.  We'll discuss token performance analysis and how it fits in the buy side portfolio as well as token issuing entity valuation - the real interesting stuff. In attendance will be:

  • a billion dollar family office;
  • several hedge funds;
  • one of the world's largest fund administrators;
  • finance partner at Sullivan & Worcester;
  • partners in one of the most prolific derivative liquidity providers to hedge funds

and your buyside firm or institution if you RSVP fast enough.

Valuation symposium attendance demographics

Veritaseum was built by leveraging disruption, distributive network effects and the power of the crowd. In continuing with this mantra, we’re sponsoring a bounty program for any and all Veritaseum supporters to earn VERI, the token that drives Veritaseum’s products and services.


Reward Structure

Up to fifty thousand (20,000) Veritas (VERI)  will be rewarded for participating in the following Bounty categories:

Token analysis and valuations

The golden grail of investing is to find that investable asset that provides the greatest reward with the least risk. Alas, despite how commonsensical that precept seems to be, many "professional" investors and analysts seem to miss the point. You often hear, those who only see rewards (or lack thereof, ie. "Hey, Ether went up 150% last year!") or those who only see risks (or lack thereof, ie. "Bitcoin is too volatile to make a good investment"). This last point has been espoused not only be novice retail investors, but by global investment banks, the Financial Times, CNN/Money and even the London Business School. I'm actually quite serious about this (Financial Times, London Business School and Credit Suisse) - all entities that really should know better.

veritas logo3

The Veritaseum token offering has ended (as of 10:30 am, eastern standard time - 5/26/2017). but Veritas are currently available through a decentralized token exchange. Although we do not own or control this property, ie. you maintain control of your private keys (it is decentralized, owned by you - the user), we find the premise of trading token properties without relinquishing ownership of your private keys (autonomy vs. heteronomy) to be essential to the business ethos of Veritaseum. Click here to learn more about the concept of autonomy and the elimination of all middlemen! 

You can purchase Veritas through the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. The exchange is in relatively early development, slower than average and not as intuitive, but proffers autonomous features that none of the bigger exchanges can, with the primary advantage being you get to retain control, possession and ownership of your private keys. You can access Veritas tokens on Etherdelta here. 

The Veritaseum community is effervescent. Here is a community-authored written tutorial on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. 

A community-authored tutorial video on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta 

We anticipate traditional, centralized exchanges to list the Veritaseum token (VERI) by July 2017.

A long form, interactive presentation can be found here in the form of a virtual roadshow - Informational Presentation. To get the most out of such a dense offering, be sure to make use of the interactive table of contents on the 2nd slide, and please click through all of the videos, links to download the various documents and take your time to read and understand what Veritas is and is not, and what Veritaseum is and plans to be.

Request Access


You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.