The long anticipated Augur (REP) forensic analysis and valuation report is ready for purchase for holders of Veritas. The price is 4.5 VERI (approximately $323 as of the time of this article publication). To purchase, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a public address to send your purchase VERI to. Keep in mind we have been swamped, so it may take a little time. If you need to purchase VERI, you can do so at this decentralized exchange where you will need ETH or a major ERC20 token to make the purchase.

Here's a 4 page preview (20 pages in total), which excludes the nitty gritty. Those of you who may have an interest in Augur's competitor, the other decentralized prediction market platform built on top of Ethereum, you can download the entire report here as a freebie. 

Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 01

Community is a wonderful thing, and the Veritaseum community is vibrant, diverse, effervescent and extremely supportive of our efforts. So much so, that they are creating tools to assist other community members in real-time. We have listed our Veritas tokens for trading on the decentralized exchange, Etherdelta. The exchange is in relatively early development, slower than average and not as intuitive, but proffers autonomous features that none of the bigger exchanges can, with the primary advantage being you get to retain control, possession and ownership of your private keys. This means no foreign governments freezing your assets, no hackers draining the honeypot, and no spontanesous deslisting of your favorite assets.

You can access Etherdelta here. This link contains the configuration needed to expose the Veritaseum token since it is not listed on on the site's menu.  

For those who are not technically inclined, here is a community-authored tutorial on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. As another testament to our community's involvement, here's tutorial video on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta.

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Veritas early trade historyVeritas early tradign

Gnosis revenues

Management has decided to release its inaugural forensic analysis and valuation report for free in order to set the standard in how professionals should gauge pricing, valuation and evaluation of blockchain-based digital assets. Download the report here: Gnosis (GNO) Forensic Valuation

The reports are priced at 100 Veritas (VERI), Veritaseum's own digital token. You can purchase Veritas here. We not only welcome, but we actually encourage any and all to compare our research to anything else currently available. Institutions can reach out directly to the company's founder to discuss block purchases of Veritas for larger groups. 

The Augur Financial Analysis and Valuation will be available in 5 days, after the close of the Veritas intial token offering for 100 VERI.

The Ripple Financial Analysis and Valuation report will also be available shortly after the close of the Veritas intial token offering. It is strongly recommended that intersted parties purchase Veritas from the intial token offering, for after the offering close you will either have to purchase the tokens in the open market or pay a material premium to purchase it out of Veritaseum inventory.

We expect to launch an alpha version of our Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research (VeADIR) later this week or early next weel. To learn more about this concept and product, see .

Download the Gnosis (GNO) Forensic Valuation.


After 31 days, the beginning of the beginning is finally over. The Veritas initial token offering has ended. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of those who supported and believed in our vision. Trust me, the Veritaseum team will be working like rabid dogs to make you proud of your purchase. To those of you who did not get a chance participate, we are now starting to discuss listing VERI with the various exchanges. Although we can't guarantee any listings, we feel that we not only have a very unique value proposition, but we can offer exchanges unique research on the other tokens that they trade (reference). 

Gnosis revenues

You can purchase Veritas through the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. The exchange is in relatively early development, slower than average and not as intuitive, but proffers autonomous features that none of the bigger exchanges offer, with the primary advantage being you get to retain control, possession and ownership of your private keys. You can access Etherdelta here
 The Veritaseum community is fairly effervescent. Here is a community-authored written tutorial on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta
 A community-authored tutorial video on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta

This is a discreet and distinct value add that no other token comes close to offering - enabling crypto exchanges to become more like traditional Wall Street exchanges such as Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley, who offer research as part of the trading opportunity. I request that all Veritas holders and all who wish to access VERI or just get more VERI, petition you favorite exchanges to list Veritas (VERI). Don't be afraid to approach the larger exchanges such as Kraken, GDAX, Gemini and Poloniex. We will work if from the managerial side.

In the meantime, we're working hard to bring expanded utility to your new "smart" things.

  1. The VeADIR - Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive ResearchVeADIR - Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research - will be released internally in alpha next week. Yes, that certainly as fast, wasn't it?!
  2. Midweek next week, we will release a forensice valuation report for Augur, the prediction market platform, for 100 VERI to those who are interested. We released thier most obvious (and very well-funded) competitior, Gnosis' valuation for free (see above).
  3. Approximately a week after that, we will be releasing a forensic valuation of Ripple, whiich will dig even deeper than the previous two reports, and will include an interview with the CEO and cryptographic and software engineering staff. This will require materially more analyst/hours, thus may be priced higher - and only availalbe through VERI.
  4. The following week we'll be releasing the forensic valuation of DASH, again with bells and whistlers. Below is a sneak preview of the Dash perspective...

This is an example of the level of analysis that our Veritas token holders can come to expect. The research will be available a la carte in exchange for Veritas tokens (VERI) until our financial machines are operational - after which all research will be available only through digital asset exposure of the machines. 

See this video or Veritaseum found Reggie Middleton in a fireside chat with hedge fund managers at Citco corporate headquarters for a fuller explanation or Veritaseum's Peer-to-Peer Capital Assets business model.

We welcome one and all to compare and contrast our Veritas token-powered research with the best that the web has to offer. For the topic of Gnosis, we suggest you reference Token Market and Smith and Crown. Only We have an entire team of buy-side financial analysts, engineers and forensic accountants led by the globally renown investor and Veritaseum founder Reggie Middleton, focused specifically on the token, digital asset and ICO sector., 

Learn more about Veritaseum, go to purchase Veritas (VERI) tokens, or simply continue to read the best research on digital assets currently available.

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You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.