Reggie Middleton and select members of the Veritaseum team will be traveling around the world demonstrating the power of the VeADIR financial machine and engaging in lectures and meet and greets. The following is the itinerary as it currently stands.

  • March 9th 19th - Dubai UAE
  • April 2nd - 6th NYC: Meet Reggie and the team in the Veritaseum offices in Times Square, Manhattan
  • April 8th - 11th Johannesburg, South Africa - private consultations, public meet and greet
  • April 20th - 23rd Nairobi, Kenya  - private consultations, public meet and greet
  • April 24th - 26th London, UK - private consultations, public meet and greet
  • May 3rd - 6th Amsterdam, Netherlands - private consultations, public meet and greet
  • May 14th - 16th NYC private consultations in the President’s Suite at the Hyatt/Consensus, public meet and greets
  • Mid-June Mauritius private consultations, public meet and greet

Reggie Middleton, Disruptor-in-Chief at Veritaseum, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Arua SEZ LIMITED to develop a Veritaseum technology-driven redevelopment of a special economic zone (SEZ) in Uganda. In the words of Veritaseum’s founder, “We’re rapidly prototyping a real world Wakanda using Veritaseum machines and blockchain tech! Veritaseum plans to significantly outdo the economic growth witnessed in areas such as China of the 2000s or Dubai of this decade.”

Notable aspects of the project:

  1. Special Economic Zone status has been granted to the subject property implying a  ten year tax holiday, zero customs and administrative priority for customs and clearing.
  2. Mixed industrial planned redevelopment of an existing industrial park with water and power infrastructure on site. The main purpose of the project is to boost bidirectional Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Fast Moving Goods & Commodities (FMGC) to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Central African Republic ,  Exports of Natural Resources, ie., cassiterite (tin ore), coltan (tantalum), gold (AU), tungsten and timber.
  3. The processing of food and agricultural products to be link to international value chains - namely, coffee, fish and derivatives, shea butter, honey - all produced in East and Central Africa, with financialization achievable via a tokenized commodity platform powered by Veritaseum technology. Think Wakandan level CME or CBOE.
  4. Veritaseum contract-driven lease and rental agreements through the blockchain and Veritaseum contract-driven dividend policy for tokenholders.

Arua SEZ Limited has successfully passed Veritaseum's internal AML and compliance checks and we are preparing to move very quickly to put our resources to work in the continent of Africa.

  Key team members on the Ugandan side


Abubaker Mayanja, Chief Executive Officer, Arua SEZ

Abubaker is the Managing Director of ABL Dunamis Ltd. He has been involved in the various aspects of asset management, finance and investment advisory for clients in Uganda and Internationally for over 8 years. He has provided financial and investment advisory services to individuals and institutions in Uganda and Internationally. This has involved preparation of transaction material including business plans, financial models and information memorandum to allow sell of businesses.

Previously, he was Investment Manager at Housing Finance Bank, Head of Investment Banking at UAP (formerly Made in Africa Investment Bank), a Research Fellow at Economic Policy Research Centre in Uganda and a Course Leader at Leicester Business Academy including a role as a Lecturer on the academy’s Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) course.

He holds a BSc (Quantitative Economics) from Makerere University, Uganda and an MSc (Financial Economics) from Leicester University, UK.

He also has a Certificate in Econometrics of Programme Evaluation from Centre for Study of African Economies, University of Oxford. Certificate of Competence in Basic Banking, Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services

Source: LinkedIn, Web Search

Moses Jurua Adriko - Legal Counsel/ Vice Chairman , Arua SEZ

  • Acting for Uganda Breweries in a complex tax dispute with Uganda Revenue Authority involving the application of the East African Custom Management Act.
  • Acting for Diageo in a suit obtaining order against infringement of the John Walker Black Label brand.
  • Acting for Coex Coffee International successfully to resist attachment of Coffee stocks worth $750,000.
  • Acting against the Attorney General of Uganda to successfully recover compensation in the sum of USD $2,000,000 on behalf of a client whose property was expropriated.
  • Acted as Arbitrator in General Adhoc United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) tribunals on various commercial disputes.
  • Acted as Panel Member of the Public Procurement Disposal Assets Appeals Tribunal (PPDAAT) on various complex multi-million dollar disputes involving Public Procurement disputes and appeals from the Procurement Authority.
  • Moses serves as a Non-Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank (U) Limited.
  • Moses is a past president of the Uganda Law Society and chaired the African Forum of the International Bar Association (IBA).
  • Moses has served on the on the IBA Human Rights Institute as a Council Member.
  • Moses is a member of the Public Appeals and Procurement Authority Tribunal (PPDA Tribunal) and has served as a member of the Transitional Justice Issues Committee, of the Government of Uganda.

Sources: Bloomberg and Africa Legal Network

OTher team members...

Esther Nantambi: Head of Operations

Diarmuid Philip Curtin: Planner/ Architect 

Key project members on the Veritaseum side will begin building out the platform within two weeks or less

See each team members' bio and hear them speak at the Veritaseum Team page.

Arua Free Zones ArticleArua Free Zones Article01Arua Free Zones Article1Arua Free Zones Article31

Veritaseum made a very interesting and controversial research report predicting significant margin calls in the yet to be launched bitcoin futures market. Well, now that we have two months of trading data to analyze, we get to brag and boast say, "We told you so". This is also a good opportunity to show how we can enable investors to gain exposure to bitcoin through VeADIR. We have revisited our Bitcoin future margin call research offered to VERI holders in early December of last year. This updated research covers the date of listing of CBOE BTC futures (11 Dec 2017) until last week. We have kept the same assumptions that we used in the initial research, except that we have now inserted actual BTC future prices for the aforementioned period These assumptions are summarized below:

After 8 man/months of effort, we have finally released the 52 page Populous 2.0 report.

 Veritaseum Populous Cover Page

Populous teaser image 

This report was updated multiple times after being flagged for various deficiencies. Download the Populous Forensic Valuation and Analysis 2.0 - Public Edition, and feel free to comment via the comment section below.

A PayPie report that is even more in depth than this one is planned for release next week. That will be for VERI token holders only. This public version does not have the valuation bands, but HODLers of VERI tokens can purchase them for the equivalent of $500 US in VERI.

We have released a feature complete version of our VeADIR product (look here if you don't know what the VeADIR is, click here if you need to know what Veritaseum is) for private beta to those who own 1000 or more VERI tokens or strategic partners. It is literally a technological and financial marvel and is definitely the first of its kind. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to learn more. 

Request Access


You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.