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Powered by Ethereum blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Agate offers a comprehensive set of decentralized blockchain and crypto infrastructure modules to facilitate crypto payments and merchant transactions through its decentralized platform. It also handles everyday banking. The Company aims to address the typical challenges of volatility and other uncertainties of crypto payment solutions.

A Deep Dive Forensic Analysis of a Likely Leader in the Pan-European Banking Crisis

The “Next” European Banking Crisis – Part 1

The 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recessions have resulted in crisis in the global banking sector. Borrowers’ inability to make pay back debt or even service debt due to an economic slowdown had hurt the banking system. Contrary to popular rhetoric, the European economy is still far away from recovery and so are the banks that are domiciled there. The sector is grappling with barrage of concerns including negative interest rates, elevated levels of NPL, China’s synthetic growth engine facing the real reality of a slowdown, the softening of apparently elevated oil prices and impending regulatory and litigation costs. 

The big banks in Europe have witnessed major reshuffles in 2015 with new CEOs taking over at Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Standard Chartered. In the same year, Deutsche Bank lost a record (as in the most, ever) €6.8 billion ($7.6 billion). Europe’s banking barometer, the Stoxx Europe 600 Banks Index recorded seven straight weeks of loss in 2016, its longest weekly losing stretch since 2008 -  speaking of which…              

Veritaseum founder, Reggie Middleton, has accurately called the banking crisis, European sovereign debt crisis, the housing & CRE crash as well as several major tech paradigm shifts over the last 10 years. Click graphic above for a video synopsis of his track record.

 Volatility and Precious Metals

Rising Economic Uncertainty Bolsters Precious Metals’ Short-Term Appeal. Two major sources of macroeconomic uncertainty have significantly risen over the past few months. First, recession indicators (including yield curves, housing data, and credit spreads) that have suggested low-moderate risk for the past several years have become more alarming.

 US Real Estate Sector Update March 2019

A full analysis of each segment of the US Real Estate Sector. Currently, the US real estate market is marked by mixed trends. The residential real estate market is on the decline due to higher mortgage rates in most of 2018 and higher housing prices, while the commercial market has been on a steady growth route supported by economic growth and high rate of employment.

 A Stable Store of Value for Argentina

VeGold as a stable store of value solution for hyperinflationary Argentina and its citizens

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