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Easily, the most controversial crypto analysis project we've performed to date, this Hex analysis sure to make some waves. It contains a project overview, detailed project description, a strengths section, risks and liabilities and a token valuation. 

Growth and Dollar Impacts on Energy

Here, we look at two factors, U.S. economic growth and the strength of the dollar, which are likely to dictate the near-term path of energy prices.

Gold and the Fed

We have been fairly optimistic about gold prices over the next year or so. Nevertheless, the latest rise in gold prices from $1280/ounce on May 29 to $1342 as of June 7 (4.8%) seems to be based on unsound factors and there is a good chance that these gains prove fleeting in the near-term. Specifically, markets are dramatically overreacting to hints that the FOMC may soon start cutting interest rates.

Gold and Silver Outlook December 2018

A Recession Would Have Only Moderate Effects on Gold and Silver. We have seen considerable analysis linking the 6.7% rise in gold prices since early October to weakening macroeconomic conditions. Economic theory, as well as conventional wisdom, does suggest that falling stock prices and other disappointing financial data have helped gold prices. On the other hand, the continuing strength of the dollar should be restraining gold’s gains.

Game Loot Network Summary Evaluation

The business model of GLN is simple. The users have to register in the platform with proper credentials and an initial payment of US$125. Then, the user can load the GLN lobby with three utility portals, i.e., Build, Play and Earn. Each portal provides various utility functions in the network. Build Portal allows the user to fund any game design and provides resources for gaming developers. Play Portal hosts a decentralized app store and embedded games. Users can play within the platform or download curated titles. It also offers competitive tournaments featuring LOOT prize pools. Lastly, Earn Portal offers an array of revenue- generating tools, such as competitive tournaments where one can receive sleek electronics or LOOT tokens, US$250 for three referral links and one can bid online in auctions. The platform charges users US$10 for a monthly subscription and US$125 for an affiliate package. It is expected to generate additional revenues from advertising in the near future.

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