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Kinesis plans to launch a suite of yield-bearing digital currencies backed by physical gold and silver at 1:1 ratio and evolved from the merger of technologies from institutional metal exchange, ABX and stellar Blockchain technology. The platform promotes the value of the tokens as both a store of value and a medium of exchange. The vision of the Kinesis project is to deliver an evolutionary step beyond any monetary and banking system operating today. The target markets of the project include the precious metal market, cryptocurrency market, fiat currency, and investment assets

Is the Dollar Overvalued?

Exchange Rates’ Weak Response to Strong Employment Report Hints at Overvalued Dollar The January U.S. employment report showed 304,000 jobs added. By beating markets’ expectations of only 170,000 jobs by 134,000 jobs, it is one of the biggest employment surprises in several years. The dollar, however, exhibited atypically small responses against the other major floating currencies (the yen, pound, and euro), and this adds some support to our view that the dollar has more downside than upside potential in 2019.

Investment Rationale - Uganda

An analytical study of the investment potential in Uganda

Investment Rationale - Nigeria

An analytical study of the investment potential in Nigeria

Investment Rationale - Kenya

An analytical study of the investment potential in Kenya

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