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MyCryptoBank Short Report - December 2018

Powered by EOS blockchain technology, MyCryptoBank (MCB) is a decentralized online banking platform that allows registered users to access a full range of banking services and other cryptocurrency operations. The multifunctional platform is an integration of traditional and digital currencies used for banking services such as remote access to accounts, products and other banking services. The services on the platform can be availed through the use of its native token, MCB.

Monetary Uncertainty: a Risk for Precious Metals

We have noted before the significant gap between markets’ expectations of upcoming monetary policy and the FOMC’s own projections for interest rates. This creates upside potential for the dollar, but downside risk for precious metals in 2019, if the Fed follows its own projections instead of those of outsiders.

Modex Short Report

Modex is a smart contract marketplace which bridges the gap between developers and end-users of blockchain technology. Combining the smart contract and app ecosystems of the platform, it allows developers to monetize their skills by offering customized smart contract solutions to end-customers and contributors to meet real world needs. The Modex platform enhances the deployment of smart contracts speeding up blockchain adoption.

Liquid Exchange Overview

An overview of the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange, based out of Japan

Larecoin  Summary Evaluation

The Larecoin platform has three main functionalities. Each of the three layers of the platform has designated utility functions. ▪ LareX – an all-in-one solution for funding student’s education and leveraging blockchain technology that will allow students, schools, and colleges, etc. to communicate as well as trade cryptocurrencies in real time ▪ LareR – a commercial portal for businesses, where they can advertise their products and provide merchant and trading solutions as well ▪ LareVIA – a search engine that will use advanced AI to provide real-time data, in-depth reporting, and insights into an accredited educational system. Initially, the user needs to register with the platform and after his/her successful registration, a universal dashboard will appear on the platform that will allow users to oversee their digital assets and access important updates. LareBLOCKS and LareSCAN are two additional layers; the former will offer a gateway to students, businesses and universities for an infinite volume of digital records and transaction processing every second. The latter will allow users to explore and search LareBLOCKS for transactions, addresses, tokens, and prices respectively. The Company will charge a minimal transaction fee for availing the products and services of the platform.

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You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.