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VeAssets Audit June 2019

Independent Audit of VeAssets - June 2019

Using VeGold to Manage the Ever Increasing Cost of Living Life

America's middle class is not being hollowed out as many have proposed - it's been hollowed already! The median 4 member, single wager earner household is already insolvent from an income perspective as the true costs of living have oustripped income growth by a significant amount. The typical response to this is to use high interest credit cards and other debt (school, auto and home loans) to fill in the gaps, which drasctically exacerbates the problem.

Of course, these families still must live, and still consume products and servicies, but not the same products and not in the same way as thier parents and grandparents.This has served to mask the level and the damages of said expenditures as they pursue their climb up Maslow's "Heirarchy of Needs".

We show how a hard currency such as VeGold can assist countering this problem.

US Banking Sector Update

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the aggregate net income of the banks for the quarter ending on 31st Dec 2018 amounted to US$59.1 billion, an increase of US$33.8 billion or 133.4% from the same quarter in 2017. More than 70% of the 5,406 insured institutions that posted the financial results reported year-on-year growth in quarterly earnings. After adjustments for tax reform (to reflect the average effective tax rate before the 2017 tax law) the net income would have been $50.3 billion in 4Q 2018.


Based on the blockchain oracles infrastructure and artificial intelligence, Unboxed is a verified marketplace of influencer marketing services that offer perfect solutions for companies and individuals to run high-quality online and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns on social media. The Company aims to provide a simple reward based tool that will allow users such as individuals and businesses to tap the potential of word-of-mouth online campaigns and gain mutual benefits


Powered by Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, UbeX offers a global decentralized platform for advertising exchange built to simplify the interaction between publishers and advertisers in a secure trustless environment. UbeX strives to solve the problem of low confidence in the purchase of digital advertising by maximizing the efficient targeting of markets and economic efficiency for advertisers by using fully operational neural networks and smart contracts.

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You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.