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Will Gold Prices Correct?

The following is the first of a series of contributions form Paul Shea, PhD; a macro economist who will be writing independent thought pieces for Veritaseum’s VeADIR customers and clients. This piece targets VeGold customers. Since this is such a potentially controversial and thought-provoking topic, I had the manager of our resident forensic analysts, Manish Kapoor, respond to Mr. Shea’s piece. Finally, I have added my twenty-two cents (my two cents levered 10x) at the end, with the usual chart porn.

Reggie Middleton

Veritaseum Disruptor-in-Chief

VeTax Credits Illustrative Sale: Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. to Varian Medical Systems Inc.

A hypothetical, illustrative sale to demonstrate the mechanics of a California Movie and Film Tax Credit from a Hollwood production concern to a medical company. A description and illustration of the hypothetical transaction is presented as well as the benefitis and detriments to each party.

Veritaseum Tax Assets

Veritaseum Tax Assets

Veritaseum Asset Audit April 25, 2019

Veritaseum, LLC (hereinafter “Veritaseum”) has engaged Brundidge & Stanger, P.C. for the purposes of independent verification of the assets (i.e. gold, silver, palladium, etc.) held by Veritaseum on behalf of holders of Veritaseum’s asset-back Tokens at the vault of Third-Party Storage Services (hereinafter “Custodian”) for the audit period of 02/1/2019 through 03/31/2019.

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