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VeLend: An Illustration of our VeGold-based P2P Lending Product

Product Introduction

Veritaseum sells gold stable-tokens (VeGLD) that are 100% backed by physical gold - insured and stored in a LMBA Vault. These tokens are redeemable worldwide for physical gold by the token-holder (owner) upon demand or may be sold back to Veritaseum in lieu of redemption.

Gold has significant stable store of value and inflation protection benefits that can be referenced here.

Veritaseum offers additional products and services that enables gold token-holders to generate income returns on their gold via P2P gold lending products. One such lending product is the gold-denominated hard money loan. A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate.

Veritaseum is a not a party to the transaction between Lender and Borrower and does not have an economic interest in the loan. Veritaseum provides the financial products, expertise, and the technology infrastructure that enable the automatic facilitation, management, and enforcement of the terms and conditions agreed to by the Borrower and Lender per the smart contract deployed on the Ethereum Network.

See video of the product at work here..

VeGold:  A Stable Store of Value for Zimbabwe

VeGold as a stable store of value solution for hyperinflationary Zimbabwe and its citizens

VeGold as a Stable Store of Value

A comprehensive comparison of Veritaseum's VeGold product to major fiat currencies and the leading stableoin cryptocurrencies.

Learn how we "Veritize" hard and real assets and send them through the blockchain via smart contracts. This document walks through a detailed analysis of VeGold - our digital gold offering.

VeAssets Audit May 2019

Independent Audit of VeAssets - May 2019

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