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Liquid Exchange Overview

An overview of the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange, based out of Japan


Easily, the most controversial crypto analysis project we've performed to date, this Hex analysis sure to make some waves. It contains a project overview, detailed project description, a strengths section, risks and liabilities and a token valuation. 

Using VeGold to Manage the Ever Increasing Cost of Living Life

America's middle class is not being hollowed out as many have proposed - it's been hollowed already! The median 4 member, single wager earner household is already insolvent from an income perspective as the true costs of living have oustripped income growth by a significant amount. The typical response to this is to use high interest credit cards and other debt (school, auto and home loans) to fill in the gaps, which drasctically exacerbates the problem.

Of course, these families still must live, and still consume products and servicies, but not the same products and not in the same way as thier parents and grandparents.This has served to mask the level and the damages of said expenditures as they pursue their climb up Maslow's "Heirarchy of Needs".

We show how a hard currency such as VeGold can assist countering this problem.

VeTax Credits Illustrative Sale: Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. to Varian Medical Systems Inc.

A hypothetical, illustrative sale to demonstrate the mechanics of a California Movie and Film Tax Credit from a Hollwood production concern to a medical company. A description and illustration of the hypothetical transaction is presented as well as the benefitis and detriments to each party.

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