Veritaseum has entered into an agreement with an Ethiopian entity that has the licensure to trade assets. We will use our VeADIR techology to assist in this endeavor as well as integrate the economies and exchanges of multiple African nations. The blog entry, Veritas.PanCaribe, we portrayed what such a system would look like in the unification of caribbean nations.

For those who are interested in exactly how monumental such an implemenation of Veritaseum techonology can be on a global scale, see the video below. 

We plan on demateriaized government bonds to pass through the VeADIR within 10 business days, and consequently plan launch a full decentralized exchange to supply the VeADIR with liquidity.

Ethiopia licensure for trading

Ethiopia licensure for trading1

We are looking to announce additional updates regarding Kenya, Sout Africa, Uganda and Nigeria soon.


+9 # Mr.White 2018-05-02 22:33
"Plan launch a full decentralized to supply the VeADIR with liquidity!" This is marvellous news, I was tired of buying my extra Veri off of ForkDelta.
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+9 # Don 2018-05-01 11:06
Re read your last post. It seems a little off. " WE plan on ......
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