1. What is the difference between Veritaseum and Veritas?

Veritaseum is the name of the company that issued a token called Veritas.


  1. Is Veritas a form of investment? And why?

Veritas is not an investment, it is software. We cannot stop others from speculating on VERI.


  1. Why is Veritaseum's market cap so underreported? And is this valid?

Coinmarketcap determines market cap using “circulating supply” as supposed to total supply. Whether this number is under reported is up to your preferred method of reporting. In addition, we don’t feel it matters nearly as much as many assume. Market cap, in this sense, is not the same as valuation. Valuation takes a much more focused and rigorous approach than multiplying two numbers.


  1. How dependent is Veritaseum to the Ethereum blockchain for its P2P platform?

Veritaseum’s products are not dependent on any blockchain because it can be moved to different blockchains. This being said, it will take some engineering effort to port from, and between blockchains. We feel that most new blockchains will be written in such a fashion as to be backwards-compatible with Ethereum applications.

  1. When will Veritaseum's P2P platform be available to the public?


  1. Can Veritaseum be made SEC-compliant in case it is found that Veritaseum is not compliant (i.e. SEC dictates ALL ICOs are securities)?

Veritaseum was already planning to release public financial reports. We believe we are a software based consultancy that has not issued unregistered securities, but if forced to comply with SEC regulation as something other than a software vendor, we don’t believe we will have a problem in doing so. Please be aware that we are not regulatory specialists nor securities attorneys, hence this is simply our layman’s opinion.


  1. Can the platform be ultimately used between peers without going through Veritaseum's team?

The goal will be to have the VeADIR able to be 100% autonomous, but until we can develop AI that vets entities wishing to be “veritized”, the VeADIR will have to buy research from Veritaseum, therefore making it rely partially on the team to prevent unwanted entities from being listed.

  1. What does “Veritize” mean?

Veritize - meaning that an asset is assigned a customized VERI token (think of a wrapper that surrounds the asset and gives it special programmable attributes that can live on, and travel through, the blockchain). For example, you can take the lease on a building, “Veratize” it, and now that lease can trade on our digital asset exchanges. This is the process that we are introducing to our exchange partners.


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