The long anticipated Augur (REP) forensic analysis and valuation report is ready for purchase for holders of Veritas. The price is 4.5 VERI (approximately $323 as of the time of this article publication). To purchase, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a public address to send your purchase VERI to. Keep in mind we have been swamped, so it may take a little time. If you need to purchase VERI, you can do so at this decentralized exchange where you will need ETH or a major ERC20 token to make the purchase.

Here's a 4 page preview (20 pages in total), which excludes the nitty gritty. Those of you who may have an interest in Augur's competitor, the other decentralized prediction market platform built on top of Ethereum, you can download the entire report here as a freebie. 

Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 01

Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 02Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 03Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 04Augur Report June 7 2017 unlocked Page 05

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