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    Reincarnation of the DAO, done correctly
    Autonomous robot selects ICOs and startups without a fund manager or VC
    Use of “Zero Margin” model drives prices and compensation through the floor - Excellent for consumers, death knell for fund managers/VCs.
    Powered by one of the most prescient strategists in the business
    The future of finance, ICO slated for April 25th, 2107 at US market open

The man that called Bear Stearns, Lehman, the Real Estate and EU Sovereign Debt crashes, as well as mobile tech booms, is now mobilizing his firms blockchain technology to go head-to-head with the captains of global industry - Wall Street.

Unlike the vast majority of blockchain tech start-ups that strive to improve upon the business processes within the leaders of the finance, Reggie Middleton’s Veritaseum seeks to disintermediate said leaders in totality, thereby releasing an unprecedented cascading wave of value currently tied up in excessive fees, commissions and economic rents.

This disintermediation is accomplished by using a DAO (Digital Autonomous Organization consisting purely of distributed software that lives on no single computer or server) which is essentially a smart contract (autonomous computer code, analogous to a legal or social contract that produces y or z result after X input, contingent upon the input).

Veritaseum’s ICODAO will have the ability to accept requests for Eth from prospective ICO issuers, evaluate said requests and if the requests past muster from the DAO’s perspective, then dig in deeper with due diligence and proprietary analysis to ascertain whether the offering will be participated in.

This occurs at a cost that is up to 90% cheaper than fund-like vehicles, meaning the ICODAO token holders (those who submitted Veritaseum’s Veritas tokens to the DAO) stand to benefit significantly more than those who may have invested in a fund with a similar gross return and risk profile, reference this complete illustration for more).

Reggie Middleton the Veritaseum team will support the ICODAO with analysis and development services. ICODAO takes robo-investing and brings it to a new, autonomous and significantly more paradigm shifting level, threatening the highest paid of professional financial investors - VCs and fund managers.

Veritaseum is planning its own ICO (initial coin offering) on April 25th, starting at the open of NY financial markets, through May 26th or as long as supply lasts.

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Contact: Reggie Middleton
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Skype: reggie.middleton
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