After 31 days, the beginning of the beginning is finally over. The Veritas initial token offering has ended. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of those who supported and believed in our vision. Trust me, the Veritaseum team will be working like rabid dogs to make you proud of your purchase. To those of you who did not get a chance participate, we are now starting to discuss listing VERI with the various exchanges. Although we can't guarantee any listings, we feel that we not only have a very unique value proposition, but we can offer exchanges unique research on the other tokens that they trade (reference). 

Gnosis revenues

You can purchase Veritas through the decentralized exchange Etherdelta. The exchange is in relatively early development, slower than average and not as intuitive, but proffers autonomous features that none of the bigger exchanges offer, with the primary advantage being you get to retain control, possession and ownership of your private keys. You can access Etherdelta here
 The Veritaseum community is fairly effervescent. Here is a community-authored written tutorial on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta
 A community-authored tutorial video on purchasing Veritaseum on the decentralized exchange Etherdelta

This is a discreet and distinct value add that no other token comes close to offering - enabling crypto exchanges to become more like traditional Wall Street exchanges such as Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley, who offer research as part of the trading opportunity. I request that all Veritas holders and all who wish to access VERI or just get more VERI, petition you favorite exchanges to list Veritas (VERI). Don't be afraid to approach the larger exchanges such as Kraken, GDAX, Gemini and Poloniex. We will work if from the managerial side.

In the meantime, we're working hard to bring expanded utility to your new "smart" things.

  1. The VeADIR - Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive ResearchVeADIR - Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research - will be released internally in alpha next week. Yes, that certainly as fast, wasn't it?!
  2. Midweek next week, we will release a forensice valuation report for Augur, the prediction market platform, for 100 VERI to those who are interested. We released thier most obvious (and very well-funded) competitior, Gnosis' valuation for free (see above).
  3. Approximately a week after that, we will be releasing a forensic valuation of Ripple, whiich will dig even deeper than the previous two reports, and will include an interview with the CEO and cryptographic and software engineering staff. This will require materially more analyst/hours, thus may be priced higher - and only availalbe through VERI.
  4. The following week we'll be releasing the forensic valuation of DASH, again with bells and whistlers. Below is a sneak preview of the Dash perspective...

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