Veritaseum was built by leveraging disruption, distributive network effects and the power of the crowd. In continuing with this mantra, we’re sponsoring a bounty program for any and all Veritaseum supporters to earn VERI, the token that drives Veritaseum’s products and services.


Reward Structure

Up to fifty thousand (20,000) Veritas (VERI)  will be rewarded for participating in the following Bounty categories:

To earn VERI, simply accumulate points by the end of the VERI crowdsale (May 26, 2017). At the end of the crowdsale, points for each category will be added up and used to calculate the number of VERI you will receive. The number of VERI you will receive for a particular bounty category is proportional to the number of points you’ve earned in that category.

For example, if:

Then you will earn 4,000 * 1 / 200 = 20 VERI, currently about $380 USD.


Bounty categories, tasks, and rewards

Note: Percentages below are based on a maximum of up to 50,000 initial VERI supply reserved from crowdsale

1. Bitcointalk Signatures and Avatar

One of the largest pools of VERI rewards, this requires you to add our official signatures and avatar to your Bitcointalk profile to earn VERI.


Rewards and instructions

a) Register here to participate

b) Add the avatar and the signature based on your rank to your profile.


Veritas token logo 200px.png



c) Participant needs to post more than 10 quality posts per week including at least 1 message on the Veritaseum crowdsale ANN Thread to qualify for the weekly points below. Spam or low quality posts that are removed by administrators will not count.

d) Spammers will be banned from the entire bounty program and will not receive any VERI

2. Translation

Help spread the word about Veritaseum to your community. Earn VERI by translating our Tear Sheet, Pathogenic Finance Report and Bitcointalk OP to another language and moderating the thread conversation.

Rewards and instructions:

a) Register here to reserve your translation
b) Bitcointalk Thread: 100 points
c) Moderation: 5 points per post in your thread
d) Pathogenic Finance report: 2000 points
e) Tear Sheet: 150 point
f) Genuine translation only
g) We count moderation posts for translated Bitcointalk Veritaseum Announcement Thread only

3. Blog posts

Write blog posts about Veritaseum to earn VERI. Topics can include, but not limited to, the crowdsale as well as current and future applications of Veritaseum. Research, analytical, and technical implementations and applications are of particular use. We will be releasing proprietary research that you can base your content off of.

Rewards and instructions:

a) Register here to participate
b) Blogs must be on the internet and publicly accessible
c) Each blog post must have at least 300 words
d) Each blog post must contain at least 2 links to
e) Blog posts must have unique content (translations do not count)
f) Blog posts can be in any language
g) Points will be awarded based on the quality of the blog post:

4. Twitter

We will frequently tweet updates and announcements from @VeritaseumInc and @reggiemiddleton. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and retweet to earn more VERI.

Rewards and instructions:

a) Register here to participate
b) Follow @VeritaseumInc: 5 points per week|
c) In a week you need to make at least 1 tweets mentioning @VeritaseumInc and retweet at least 9 tweets from our Twitter account @VeritaseumInc to qualify for weekly points:

d) Twitter account followers will be based on an audit from

Facebook personal account and fan page holders must demonstrate via Facebook Graph Search their engagement with their posts and related comments

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You must be holding more than 3,333 VERI, be an identifiable accredited investor, or be a member of a family office or qualified purchaser ($5M in assets or higher) to gain access to VeADIR beta.