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The Ripple Forensic Analysis and Valuation report is ready for purchase for 4.5VERI. Those of you who do not have our Veritas token can purchase it peer-to-peer here

Ripple Report June 19 2017 Mgmt Proofed Page 01


This report is different from the Gnosis (free to download) and Augur reports in that Ripple is an operataing company with traction. We requested an audience with the CEO, but did not recieve a response to our emails, thus were forced to fill in many blanks with educated assumptions. I would like to open source this project's fact finding and have the crowd and communtity find answers to the following queries. Take note, for every accurate and provable answer I recieve that's not already in the report, I will give the source of the answer either the Ripple report or 1 VERI as gratuity, on a first come, first serve basis. Use the contact link at the bottom of this page to reach us our support.

Veritaseum Community and Crowdsourcing Ripple/XRP Questionnaire:-

  • What is the share of ripple in the cost per payment that bank charges from the customers?
    • In per payment charge, four costs are associated with it namely counterparty fees, reconciliation fees, treasury cost and payment processing fees. Can you help us in understanding which of these costs are retained by ripple and in what percentage?
  • The number of transactions monthly?
  • Is seigniorage income included in the payment processing fee?
  • How much ripple gains when it enters into a contract of tie up with any bank?
    • Does it charge bank on one time basis or recurring basis?
  • Is XRP used for trading apart from the transfers between banks?
  • What is the cost incurred by ripple in providing services to the bank?
  • On what basis the percentage of different fees in total cost of payment is decided?
  • What percentage of revenue are non-operating costs?
  • Is there any other source of income besides earning per transaction and through contracts entered into with bank?
  • Counterparty fee, wholesale FX cost, percent of bidirectionality, error rate, failure rate, payments to be reconciled and average time to reconcile affect the cost incurred per payment and sub costs under them even if annual number of transactions and their value remain constant. For example:-

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Annual transactions

100 million

100 million

Annual transaction value

5 trillion

5 trillion

Error rate



Failure rate



Payments to be reconciled



Average time to reconcile

2 mins

5 mins

% of bidirectionality



Wholesale FX cost



Counterparty fee



Days of endpoint coverage

2 days

5 days

Cost per payment



On what basis Ripple decides the values mentioned above?

Here's the table of contents of the 24 page or so report to give you a taste of the flavor inside. 

Ripple Report June 19 2017 Mgmt Proofed Page 02  

 Ripple Report June 19 2017 Mgmt Proofed Page 04

This analysis is now available for download, priced at 4.5 VERI. The purchase is a manual process, and you will have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an address to send your VERI to.


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