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Yesterday, I posted a very interesting article that lays forth a glimpse of the Veritaseum business model going forward -  It basically demonstrated that we're much more than a bunch of developers hacking at code. We are global macro strategists, analysts, advisers and financial engineers. As you peer into our inner workings, you start to see that we are different from the standard token offering fare. While we are waiting for the conventional exchanges to get around to listing our token, we've literally made a market on the decentralized exchange, Etherdelta.

Even with all of its UX issues, and relative sluggishness, look at the stats (we're the number one token on the site).

Looking at the depth, the weak handed speculators have left the building and we can focus on those who accept us as the macrotech strategists using smart contracts to take over the world...

VERI depth chart

Tight spreads, even in a decentralized setting...


VERI trade stats on the decentralized exchange

On a USD basis, enough volume to attain price discovery velocity...

VERI Trade and spreads in USD

Trade history looks promising given the less than $2 intitial price.

VERI trade USD stats on the decentralized exchangeVERI trade volume stats on the decentralized exchangeVERI volume

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